Poly T-Spray Sublimation Coating for 100% Cotton and Cotton Blends

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Dyepress Poly-T will allow you to sublimate 100% cotton as long as you apply a 2nd coat of Poly-T over the sublimated image (see details below). You will lose about 10% of the vibrancy after the first wash when coating 100% cotton. For more vibrant images long term, use 40%+ polyester fabric.

Poly-T Coverage (Add 1 ounce (2 tbs.) Poly-T concentrate per 7 ounces purified water): 

  • 8 oz. of Concentrate - Makes 1/2 gallon (64 oz.) of Poly Spray (will coat 160 t-shirts with a 10" X 12" print area)
  • 16 oz. of Concentrate - Makes 1 gallon (128 oz.) of Poly Spray (will coat 320 t-shirts with a 10" X 12" print area)
  • 32 oz. of Concentrate - Makes 2 gallons of Poly Spray (will coat 640 t-shirts with a 10" X 12" print area)
  • 1 Gallon of Concentrate - Makes 8 gallons of Poly Spray (will coat 2560 t-shirts with a 10" X 12" print area)

~All DyePress sublimation coatings are manufactured in Scottsdale, Arizona~

We strongly recommend using a thin silicone mat under your shirt to raise your image area higher than the rest of the shirt to #1 keep any thick seams of the shirt out of the way AND #2 to reduce the amount of Desizer you need to apply. You will see in the instructions below, that you need to apply the Desizer everywhere the heat will press against the shirt, otherwise the sizing will burn wherever the heat hits the sizing that remains. Do NOT use the silicone mat while Desizing the shirt, ONLY when sublimating.


Instructions: Most white and heather grey (and oatmeal) shirts are coated in “chemical sizing” to maintain a smooth finish during manufacturing. This “sizing” burns and blocks the Dyepress from soaking in. If you do not remove the sizing, your image will wash out. Sweatshirts of all colors have sizing added to avoid pilling. Colored t-shirts don’t have sizing since it was removed to dye the fabric. Shirts labeled PFD (prepared for dying) do not have sizing, since the manufacturer removed the sizing for customers who plan to dye the shirts. Here's an article from Dupont about textile desizing for more information. We recommend practicing on shirts from Hobby Lobby, since these shirts have only a light amount of sizing.


1. Remove the “sizing.” If the t-shirt is white or heather grey, or is a sweatshirt of any color, remove the sizing by either of the following methods:

a. Desizer: Mix 1 oz. Desizer + 7 oz. purified water in a fine mist spray bottle.

Desizer is steam activated. Spray Desizer wherever heat press will touch the shirt. Cover wet shirt with thin cotton fabric, shirt, or flour sack towel and press at 385°F until a heavy amount of steam rolls out from under the press, continue until you no longer see steam (about 30 to 40 seconds depending on cotton cover thickness).


b. Peroxide Wash: Spray shirt with peroxide and wash in hot water. Once dry, pre-press at 385F for 25 seconds. [This method is not as reliable as using the Desizer, so test one shirt to be sure the sizing is completely removed. If you see any of the 4 problems in the pics above, you will know the peroxide method did not remove the sizing for that brand/style.]

2. Mix 1 oz. (2 Tbs.) Dyepress Poly-T + 7 oz. purified water in a fine mist spray bottle.

3. Spray Poly-T until damp and press coating into fibers.

For the most vibrant images, dry the shirt under the heat of the open heat press (takes only a few minutes). Be sure the Poly-T is completely dry before you sublimate.

Do not use tacky spray, it will block the ink transfer.

4. Once dry, Sublimate with FIRM PRESSURE for 70 seconds at 385F. Use 2 sheets of butcher paper.


To avoid ink bleed with the topcoat of Poly-T, select “plain” paper print setting. Presentation matte setting puts too much ink on the paper and this extra ink sits on the surface and bleeds with the topcoat.

5. Spray a LIGHT MIST of Poly-T over sublimated image. Dry under the heat of the OPEN press, with hair dryer or heat gun. If air-drying, press at 300°F for 10 seconds to set the ink. DO NOT press any hotter than 300F or you will re-start the sublimation process, causing ink bleed!

Clogged Spray Bottle: Spray water or alcohol through spray bottle to keep sprayer from clogging.

To give you an example of how Dyepress Poly-T works, we sprayed one-half of a 50/50 shirt and then let it air-dry. The second photo shows how the shirt looked after two cycles in the washing machine and dryer using hot temperature settings.



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