Desizer Pre-treatment: 32 oz. concentrate makes 2 gallons of spray

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Desizer is NOT needed when using the new Poly-T Plus!

The NEW Poly-T Plus has Desizer in the formula. The Desizer is ONLY needed if you use the old Poly-T.

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We strongly recommend using a thin silicone mat under your shirt to raise your image area higher than the rest of the shirt to #1 keep any thick seams of the shirt out of the way AND #2 to reduce the amount of Desizer you need to apply. You will see in the instructions below, that you need to apply the Desizer everywhere the heat will press against the shirt, otherwise the chemical coating will burn wherever the heat hits the sizing that remains. Do NOT use the silicone mat while Desizing the shirt, ONLY while sublimating.


Most white and heather grey shirts are coated in a chemical to maintain a smooth finish during manufacturing. This chemical coating burns and blocks the Dyepress from soaking in. If you do not remove the chemical coating, your image will wash out. Sweatshirts of all colors also have a coating added to avoid pilling. Colored t-shirts don’t have any coating since it was removed to dye the fabric. Shirts labeled PFD (prepared for dying) do not have any chemical coating, since the manufacturer removed the coating for customers who plan to dye the shirts. 


Mix 1 oz. Desizer + 7 oz. purified water in a fine mist spray bottle.
Desizer is steam activated. Spray Desizer wherever heat press will touch the shirt. Cover wet shirt with thin cotton fabric, shirt, or flour sack towel and press at 385°F until a heavy amount of steam rolls out from under the press, continue until you no longer see steam (about 30 to 40 seconds depending on cotton cover thickness).

If the shirt does not steam, use a thinner cotton cover to allow the heat to transfer to the shirt faster.

Apply Dyepress Poly-T and follow the instructions for Poly-T.